Why not use the fireworks in new year

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Thousands of people, most often children and teens, are injured while using fireworks. Let us consider, whether it is worth of practicing. It may indeed be very dangerous. Fireworks, which provide us with amazing visual experience can deprive us of our health and even life. Every year, during New Year’s Eve there appears to be a plenty of cases of severe burns.


Express Monorail / photo on flickr

Express Monorail / photo on flickr

Fireworks, fired badly, or from  an unknown source can deprive us of a finger, hand or eye, and in the worst cases, even lives. Ask yourself if it is worth to risk for those few seconds of admiring the firework phenomena.  Fireworks can also damage our houses and apartments. It happens very often that the firecracker was thrown, on purpose, and in most cases accidentaly into the window of someone’s home, breaking it, falling in and causing great damage. It may happen that on the way back of the New Year’s Eve ball, you might be surprised burning house instead of your cozy apartment. It is hard to think of what might happen if a  firecracker, for example, falls by accident into the hood of your jacket.

New Year’s Eve night is also a real horror for animals. The sound of firecrackers and fireworks makes a lot of dogs and cats go into panic. They hide in the farthest corners of the house, whining and trembling in fear, not  understanding the reasons for the terrifying noise. Many pets in panic run and lose their way back home, a large part of them dye of a heart attack. So before you go to the store and buy fireworks and firecrackers for the New Year’s Eve, think that the fireworks phenomenon is beautiful, but extremely threatening. May deprive you of the health or life, your family, your animals, and leave you without a roof over your head … Is it really worth the risk?

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