Where does a barbeque should be placed?

Posted: August 25th, 2012 | Author: | BBQ

It is important to choose a suitable place to place a barbeque. This place should be sheltered from the wind.

Charcoal is the best for a barbeque, because it burns very slowly and maintains heat longer. The best barbecue kindling is the kindling in special cubes or the liquid kindling. Do not use petrol or methylated spirit. You may need a fan to set the fire. When coal is incandescent well and there is a small layer of ash on top, then you can start grilling.

Before grilling, a grate should be rubbed with oil to prevent food from sticking. Shops offer gas barbeques, electric, barbeque sand coal barbeques, which can be placed anywhere, even in a small garden or on a terrace. Such devices as gas barbeques have to be mounted in places where there is no risk of accidental spread of fire.A very good place for the barbecue area is the one away from home in the back of the garden.

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