Where did the custom of dressing the Christmas tree came from

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It’s hard to imagine Christmas without one of their symbols, which is beautifully decorated, fragrant Christmas tree. Without the tree, the Christmas time would lose a lot of its charm. But where exactly the habit of dressing Christmas tree came from? The idea of decorating the tree came to us from our neighbors across the western border, the Germans.

andywon / photo on flickr

andywon / photo on flickr

According to the local legend, a man, returning on Christmas Eve home through the forest, saw a beautiful sight – twinkling stars, through the branches of spruce. The man, delighted with the phenomenon, wanted to recreate this view, so he cut down a tree, put it in the house and decorated with sparkling objects. Soon,  the beautiful tree made his neighbors envious. And so the habit has spread. The first Christmas tree appeared in Poland at the turn of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Not right away for the holidays but as an ornament tree. Initially, it had symbolic power to protect the household from evil, disease and charm.  Dressing the Christmas tree in ornaments brought well-being and prosperity for all the family members.

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