When you change the nappy for the potty

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Just as it is in the case of many other aspects of your child’s grow, the right time for the potty have to come. But when is the right time? It is enough if You just watch your child and it will tell you on its own ehn the right time is. Each child will have its own pace, he will decide by his own when he starts to crawl or walk.

Nina Matthews Photography / photo on flickr

Nina Matthews Photography / photo on flickr

However, do not force your child to this, because the effect can be quite the opposite of the intended and the child may start using the potty much later . The age that child can acquire  the skill has absolutely nothing to do with intelligence or  mental health. Children usually give up the nappy between the second and the third year of life. How does the start of teaching your child using the potty should look like?

At the beginning, the best is to observe in order to be able to say if your child is ready for this step, so pay attention whether your child for an hour or two has a dry diaper or sometimes wakes up from a nap with dry diaper. If so, it means that physically he is ready to go without diapers. Then think about whether he is doing a poo more or less at similar time of the day, such as after sleeping or eating. Pay also attention whether your child make faces or takes poses when doing a poo? Does your child begins to pay attention in some way on the cleanless,  whether shows that he has dirty hands or he is trying to arrange his toys up? All these signals are first steps to ensure that the diaper should be replaced with chamber pot.

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