When paying by card we can easily spend money?

Posted: August 18th, 2013 | Author: | Money

Perhaps many of you have noticed by now that paying with credit card often seems geting rid of the money a lot easier. It turns out that this is not an illusion, and the matter has been carefully examined by scientists who are interested in a very long time if and what is the relationship between the mode of payment and easiness to spend mone

Robert Scoble / photo on flickr

Robert Scoble / photo on flickr

According to the survey actually it is a lot easier to spend money if you pay by credit card or via the Internet. In practice, the method of payment for the customer is simpler and easier, the less you feel parting with cash. Let us remind ourselves how to use credit card at the store. When you approach the store employee cash charge our purchases on the receipt and then transfers the amount of the payment terminal. He asks us for a card, usually he puts it to the reader, and we are asked for a PIN or signature. Then we can draw a card and store portfolio. And a receipt will receive output from the terminal, which is a confirmation of the transaction. Best to check on the amount that the seller is not pressing the wrong key and did not do 10 pounds 100 pounds, because such cases may happen. In practice, however, not so many customers perform this action.

If you pay in cash, then we must go back to the portfolio, deduct the required amount and get the rest you need to insert the portfolio. At least a few times see how much money we have, at least once we receive something, and several times we were physical and visual contact with our money. When paying by card the only activity we do is to enter the PIN. Probably very few people in his memory has much money left in the account to them how much they can spend and what is their monthly, daily, or weekly budget. Enter your PIN and it’s done. When using the increasingly popular contactless payments do not even need to type anything. Out of sight out of mind. Only sometimes at the end of the month, it turns out that we have to tighten our belts a little.


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