When an insurer may not pay damages to the driver

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Each insurance, including (and perhaps especially) the car has a range and in some cases the insurer will cover the damage on other he will not. It is also clear that he will attempt to prove that a person is not entitled to the compensation. Here, we describe several situations where an insurer may not pay compensation. I note that these are the most common situations and may differ from your contract, because each is a little different. You should look to the terms of its policy and verify the information.

ruurmo / photo on flickr

ruurmo / photo on flickr

Insurance against theft does not mean that if your car disappears from the parking lot you will automatically obtain compensation. Frequently the insurer may refuse to pay damages because of the so-called theft or accidental facilitate such us left  the car alarm off or opened window.Another thing that we need to take care of our losses. If you forget to take out the manual and the car rolls down the parking lot and trigger significant damage, unfortunately, but very often we have to pay everything out of our pocket. We should also remember to fasten the belts (unless your doctor released us from this requirement), if they are not fastened then we can say goodbye to insurance against accidents. Motorcyclists should be similarly wary of their helmet.

If the condition of the vehicle is very bad and the car will cause an accident, we also cannot receive compensation. This applies especially if for a long time there has not been performed technical research vehicle. Yet another case is being under the influence of drugs. You can include them not only alcohol, but also drugs, as well as all the drugs that are in the information leaflet that may affect the ability to drive. You should also read carefully in what country it is not important. Often it is relevant in some countries of the former Soviet Union and others.

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