When a child is bored

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Children have boundless energy. This energy must be used somehow. This is being done mostly when they play. However, when cloudy, rainy days are coming and you cannot go outside and ideas for fun at home are run our, you have to organize that fun somehow.

John-Morgan / photo on flickr

John-Morgan / photo on flickr


Here are a few examples for games at home for children at different age. If your child loves music and he has his favorite song, an interesting thig to do is to create a new text for it’s favorite melody. Words do not need to be selected very carefully, it can be funny, it does NOT have to even have a rhyme, but the task would have been more interesting then. At the end sing a new song with your child. Another interesting fun is to play , “Do everything after me.” The whole fun lies in the imitation of behavior of a selected person.

The person e.g. does such thing as jumping on one leg, claps his hands, makes funny faces or crawls. Use your imagination and another ideas will quickly come up. During such play You can sing songs, which brings even more fun. Another idea to fulfill the child’s time is to let the child lay on a big surface of the paper, it may also be newspaper, you draw an outline with a pen and then
ask your child to complete work, which is to draw eyes, nose, mouth, clothes coloring everything in the end . I ensure you that your child will play for hours in this way.

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