What to do with Christmas unwanted gifts

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Each of us at least once in their lives get during Christmas an unwanted gift.  We always take it with a smile, but what  to do with it later? Frequently the gift lands on the bottom of drawer . Maybe it is worth of taking an advantage of this gift? What  if you’re on a diet, the and good old Santa Claus brought you as a gift a bag full of sweet treats?

Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License

Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License

Do not get carried away by emotions and do not throw the candy away, for sure will be a child in your neighborhood who would like to take them. One of the most risky gifts are clothes. It’s hard for someone to hit perfectly taste and size. Before you push a piece of clothing in the farthest corner of the cabinet, consider if it does not match one of your friends. You can also try to sell a piece of clothing on one of the many sites dedicated to selling and even exchanging clothes.

As a last resort you can put clothes in a container of clothing for the poor. Those who completely do not have an idea for a gift, often buy cosmetics. This is another group of gifts, which often become unwanted. Even the smell of very expensive perfumemay be not suitable for everyone. So find a person who likes that cosmetic. Christmas presents can be returned back to the store within a specified period or replaced for another. This, however, depends on the the seller. And you need to get proof of purchase, or receipt from the person who bought you thegift … Perhaps it is better to thank  for unfortunate gift, rather than cause distress to the person who  gave it to us.

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