What shoes go for New Year’s Eve Ball

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New Year’s Eve is primarily for a fun and exhilarating dance. A very important element of women’s clothes are shoes. They must be both glamorous and comfortable, simply designed for you to dance in them all night. So how to choose the ideal footwear for  New Year’s Eve? First of all, the shoes on New Year’s Eve ball have to be comfortable. Do not select crazy height heels just to make an impression on others.

giro-girotondo_lYou can achieve the opposite effect, if it turns out that can’t even walk in them. Most important is that you feel in  your shoes comfortable and confident. Do not wear  new, just bought shoes. After a night on the dance floor you will end up with painful blisters and abrasions. To ensure  be more comfortable, you can put the special gel insoles. If you decide to set up an extravagant New Year’s Eve outfit, your shoes should be simpler. The classic cut dresses can be accessorized with more avant-garde shoes.

Remember that New Year’s night is a time to shimmer, but that does not mean that you can afford a lack of style. Now, a quick lesson of picking the shoes to dresses. The safest, but also the most boring way is to choose shoes in the same color as dress. You can be absolutely sure that the colors will match, but you will not amaze anyone with your style. The same is with classic black heels, which are also suitable for everything. Very fashionable in recent seasons are body tone-colored shoes. They will fit any dress color, however, preferably it should be intense  so you will not look too bland. Your style for the evening  may be emphasized with the heels in shades of silver and gold. Remember that silver fits best with cool colors and gold with warm the warm ones. So, if your dress is red, choose golden sandals, and shades of silver emphasize the cool violet character.

What kind of shoes for New Year’s Eve Ball should men choose? First of all, elegant, made from high quality leather. They should have a thin sole to be able to to dance in them. Choose the ones fitting to the color and material  of your suit, as well as according to the currently prevailing trends. Shoes should be  very comfortable, that is why if you have new shoes, you should walk in them a little before the ball.

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