What kind of a barbeque is the best?

Posted: August 26th, 2012 | Author: | BBQ

Stores offer various types of barbeques: hanging, indoor, iron, and lightweight, aluminium, with legs, roasting trays etc. One distinguishes also: gas, coal and electric barbeques.

Charcoal barbeques have the simplest structure and are much cheaper in comparison to others. Charcoal burning at the bottom of the main bowl may reach very high temperature at a relatively small area. Grate mounted at the top of a barbeque is used for grilling of almost anything you can imagine, and the smoke escaping due to fat and juices dripping onto coals gives food the unique taste and smell of smoked meat and fire.

Gas grills are the most popular and most used, therefore, their variety is enormous. You can buy the smallest double burner grill or a grill with side burners, more burners separately controlled, larger grate surface, spit, internal shelves that hold the heat, as well as additional external shelves increasing the working surface.

Electric barbeques are inexpensive and grill dishes evenly without an open flame. Just press the button to switch them on and heat them up to 600 degrees F.

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