Welcoming the New Year in Thailand

Posted: August 14th, 2013 | Author: | Travel

Farewell to the old year in exotic Thailand is a dream come true for many of us. So if you’re one of those lucky people and welcome New Year at one of the hot, Thai beaches, read about Thai customs. In Thailand New Year is greeted at the same time as  ours, on the night of December 31 to January 1, but if you want to celebrate it traditionally – go there in mid-April.

danorbit. / photo on flickr

danorbit. / photo on flickr

Between 13th and 15th of April in Thailand there is celebrated Songran festival. A very interesting custom, which is  Cultivated during that time, is spraying with water. Young people wander through the streets of all the cities, , armed with bottles, buckets, garden hoses and pour water over each other and everyone around themselves. In our weather such habit would not be accepted for the New Year’s Eve, but in Thailand it is very hot. According to Thai, water has magical powers – not only cleanses the body but also the soul. If you want to take part in this game, go to Chaing Mai. You can  join there the parade of vehicles and pedestrians pouring water from large containers.

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