Wedding makeup

Posted: August 9th, 2013 | Author: | Cosmetics

Special, elegant makeup for the wedding can be done alone or in professional beauty salon.Fashionable make-up is especially important during the major events. Foundation for such makeup should be matched to the kind of beauty and skin of the Bride, it must cover all of her shortcomings, like oily skin, discoloration, spots.

Robert Bejil Photography / photo on flickr

Robert Bejil Photography / photo on flickr

An appropriate powder must be chosen for the foundation you used. Alternatively, you can also use a special cosmetic – make-up and powder in one. A very important part of wedding makeup is the one put on the Bride’s eyes.  Some ladies, a few days before the wedding day use the eyelash extension procedure. Eye shadows used to wedding makeup should be clear, subtle, but hardly glowing.

Lipstick should not be too strong. Very suitable for wedding makeup is pink, peach or beige lipstick. Colors of the shadow and lipstick have to suit the dress, the accessories and the bouquet. Nail polish should be fine too. Some ladies specially for the wedding extend nails at the beauty salon. Every woman fits different makeup, it is related to the exact type of the beauty, a kind of wedding dress and accessories.


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