Water Diet

Posted: December 23rd, 2012 | Author: | Diet

This diet is based on drinking every day large quantities of water, which is filling our stomach cheating on him and gives us a false feeling of fullness, so you just eat less and also dishes which are in our menu during the use of such diet are easy to digest and low in calories, which also has got a positive effect on weight loss effects.

water diet

Further positive effects of water diet, for which we will not have to wait long are the disappearance of problems with bloating, constipation, and with persistent abdominal pain. Of course, deciding on this diet we should be categorically prohibit ourselves eating certain types of food, mostly fast food dishes, it does not matter whether the burgers, fries, or kebab, just do not eat them.

The list of prohibited pleasures also includes chips, sweet chocolate and any sweetened and carbonated drinks. After all, water diet means that during it we have to drink water, and not full of sugar and empty calories cokes. We should drink approximately 2 liters mineral still water per day with two glasses after waking up to fool an empty stomach.

Then, going to work or school, we should can bring a bottle of water and drink it, for the lunch and dinner we also enjoy drinking two glasses of water. For a taste, it can be combined with lemon juice, to preparing the herbal infusions is also permissible, if we taste them.

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