Wall Street Diet

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Wall Street Diet was created, as well as several others for young and middle-aged people who sacrifice everything for their career, they live very quickly and in a huge stress, eat very irregularly, and their diet is dominated by fast foods and empty calories.

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In view of these very people dietitian Heather Bauer invented the diet, which was later described in the best-selling book “The Wall Street Diet.”, and which is adapted to the fast way of life, requires just a little commitment and provides a simple and effective solution.

The composition of this diet includes several meals, for which we apply a very simple rule: breakfast should not be overlooked, especially as a meal that can be eaten alone in your own home, you only get out of bed about 15 minutes earlier. Lunch, eaten during the break at work should be submitted to the largest possible part of the vegetables, you can attempt a salad with tuna or chicken, but necessarily avoid mayonnaise.

The dinner should be prepared in advance and ready to serve, for example, when heated in the microwave, because returning home after a day’s work usually wants to quickly get something to eat, do not suffer even further for half an hour standing in the kitchen preparing the meal. Between meals we are allowed to snack, but this can not be crisps or chocolate, their place should take yogurt, granola and fruits.

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