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Vegetarianism, or refraining from eating animal meat diet is known since ancient times, in our culture has become popular in the second half of the twentieth century, when after the Cultural Revolution in 1968, many of the hippies began to be interested in other cultures and took their habits.

Vegetarianism cooperated with the leading idea of hippies, or pacifism, because very quickly gained enormous popularity, which has got to this day. The substrate can be either vegetarian ideological and health, or due to a desire to care for example, the skin and hair.

Deciding to give up eating meat is essential to bear in mind that it provides us with many of the ingredients necessary for the proper body functioning that need to be continued, although in a different form to deliver it. With the help comes here mainly soy, which is a great source of proteins, which supplies meat to ordinary people as well as products such as beans, cereal and pasta, iron in included in a great way in green leafy vegetables, beans and lentils, and calcium and vitamins  are included in products such as milk (it may be soy instead of cow), eggs, and of course in vegetables and fruits, which vegetarian diet is filled with.

The only thing required is supplement vitamin B12, which lacks affected especially vegans, because in suitable form does not even contain the algae, which are thought to be well sources of this nutrient.

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