Valentine’s Day trips

Posted: August 12th, 2013 | Author: | Occasional

Very popular during Valentine’s Day are visits to Spa, in the mountains or to the exotic countries. Quite fashionable are trips to places that are associated with love, that is, to Paris, Rome or Verona, Venice and to exotic countries such as India, Thailand, Morocco, Spain, Croatia.

Pierre Marcel / photo on flickr

Pierre Marcel / photo on flickr

Very good opportunity for busy and tired couples may be a trip to Spa, where you will have a perfect opportunity to relax, as well as take advantage of healthy and beauty treatments. There are also popular events on Valentine’s Day for singles. When going out dancing, to a club women have to remember to put on a  pink, white, or red dress. The colors red and pink perfectly highlight the sexy feminine shapes. Still quite fashionable is gold and silver jewelry.

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