Types of flats insurance

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One of the basic needs of every human being is to have a place that can call home. If you do not rent an apartment or house, and we are the owner, you should ensure that the need has been met, and is not compromised in any way. For this is the purpose of insurance policies.

x-ray delta one / photo on flickr

x-ray delta one / photo on flickr

Generally speaking, there are three types of policies that apply to flats and houses. The first jeszt home insurance as a set of walls, floors, ceilings and everything that is permanently fixed or wall units, equipment, kitchen or bathroom, floors, etc. This is by far the most common type of household insurance. The second type is the so-called policy. household mobility and therefore different types of goods we collected such as furniture, home electronics / appliances, and even animals, collections and the like luxury goods. The last type, the least common, is liability insurance, operating, for example, then when someone would flood or other damage to inflict on him.

Obviously we cannot insure the dwelling of all cost is simply too much. Therefore, we must choose to insure itself against real threats. Living in unsafe good to protect property against theft and living in the block on the ground floor is not a meaningful insure against liability. Kind of like living in Poland, there is little need to insure themselves before the earthquake, but it is worth to insure themselves against losses caused by storms, hail and protect property from flooding (eg equipment kept in a garage or basement). Choosing insurance let’s be realistic, but let us also remember that some things can hurt us all. These include storms, hurricanes or fires.

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