Tricks of flat sellers – where to look for hooks?

Posted: August 17th, 2013 | Author: | Money

Housing sellers are people who either are mere “Joneses”, or know their stuff and will be able to properly handle a lot of things to property seemed to be more attractive than it is.

Let’s start with lighting. Flat viewed at certain times, it may give the impression of a much better place than it actually is in the sunlight. If you are in the windows only on the south side, it cannot simply be too hot, and even opening the windows does not help. Similar is the case if it is the other way around – the apartment will be too dark. You should independently investigate the distribution of windows and check whether nothing can prevent access to the sun.

Size is another thing which is very easy to fool. Just get rid of unnecessary furniture and equipment, in combination with light-colored walls will greatly improve this area home. The problem is that only optically. It is best to always check the documentation. Speaking of equipment, it is often the cause of artificially inflating the value of the apartment. Short enough shopping at the market of building materials and equipment, to the promotion of buy cheap items that can successfully pretend to be more expensive.

You should also look under the carpet. Although the thick carpet looks in many places very nice, it also has the camouflage. Especially in connection with parquet floors, which can be scratched or even have defects. Spending a few hundred thousand zlotys worth it worth to be suspicious and check everything. Places exposed to moisture, odors and the like trifles. If the house looks very nice, it is not necessarily to be crazy about it, but sometimes it is simply stylized and we have to be aware of that.

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