Transfers from credit cards

Posted: August 18th, 2013 | Author: | Money

A credit card is a financial product, used primarily as a means of payment by plastic carrier services, and therefore the card itself. Withdrawals from ATMs and similar activities are interest bearing and are associated with high commission. What about the transfers?

pnoeric / photo on flickr

pnoeric / photo on flickr

Credit card is assigned to each account, which is our balance. Are we so out of it as free users? How is the case with the transfer? It appears that as much as possible. Most banks allows you to perform this operation using the credit card accounts. Do you have something to pay for? It also depends on your bank. As in any doubt, please contact a representative of your bank and ask for details. I can write in general, there are three common practices in this area.

The first is that electronic transfers are free and you can pay by bank transfer bills, shop online, or whoever you want to transfer your money. Another possibility is that the transfer can be done and will not be encumbered in any way, provided that there are registered providers, shops, etc. In a word, a kind of imposed constraints. A third option is the least favorable option for us, where transfers are absolutely loaded with high interest rates or commission. Sometimes they are almost like the amount of the payment of money from an ATM.

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