Three the most fashionable styles of wedding dresses

Posted: October 5th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

Marriage is one of the most important days in the life of a woman, no wonder that the future bride wants to look just stunning in this day. The key to a beautiful appearance is of course the wedding dress. We’re presenting the most fashionable styles of wedding dresses.


The cut, resembling a fish tail is coming back into favour. This fitted and extending, just from the knees cut, however, requires impeccable bride silhouette. It looks beautiful on women with proportional hourglass shape. “Siren”, or “Fish” is certainly not suitable for women with a boyish silhouette.


It’s the dress with a 7/8 length, bringing into mind sweet ‘50s. This ultra-girlish cut is very practical and comfortable. In contrast to traditional, long dresses in this case there is no concern that the bride get twisted in the bottom of her dress during the dance or going down the stairs. However, this dress can be worn only by the ladies with at least average height.


Listing the most fashionable cuts of wedding dresses, it’s worth mentioning the laces. Despite that, de facto, they are not the cut, they are very popular among future brides. Dresses, made entirely of laces is all the rage. If this style doesn’t’ fit you, you can decide on lacy accessory in the form of shoes or a veil.

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