Three home ways for shampoo

Posted: October 9th, 2012 | Author: | Cosmetics

Admittedly, the store shelves groan under cosmetics to hair care, but each of them contains substances, which can cause more harm than benefits. Therefore, it’s worthwhile to try homemade shampoo. Deciding on making our own shampoo, we are sure that we use only natural ingredients.

Regenerating Shampoo

To prepare a shampoo, which will regenerate our hair in wonderful way, we will need 10 ml of coconut and almond oil, 5 ml of evening primrose and jojoba oil and 5 drops of rosemary oil, and Roman chamomile. We boil 2/3 pot of water, then we place the pan in it. We melt coconut, almond, evening primrose and jojoba oils in a saucepan on low heat. We mix it thoroughly, then we take off from fire. To the cooled mixture we add the other oils. We massage the thoroughly mixed mixture into hair and scalp. Then we put foil cap on the head. We remove it after 30 minutes, then we massage plain shampoo into the hair and we rinse it. This treatment may seem time- consuming, but it really brings a beneficial effect.

Dry shampoo

It often happens that a decent hair washing is not feasible, for example, at the campsite, where we have no access to running water. However, there are home ways for shampoo, which will not need water. It doesn’t seem possible, but it does. To prepare this agent, we need 25g of cosmetic talc and 4 drops of rosemary, lavender and tea oil. We throw the talc into the blender and we slowly add the oils, drop by drop, mixing slowly all the time. We pour the resulting “shampoo” into a hermetic container. We put it on the hair with the aid of good quality brush, and then, after a while, we just comb the hair.

Herbal shampoo

Freely selected mix of dried herbs (5 bags of each herb) we combine with 2 glasses of boiling, distilled water. We brew it under the cover for half an hour. After this time, we strain the infusion and add 100 g of grated Castilian soap to it. It’s a soap made entirely from natural ingredients. We can also use ordinary soap flakes. If it’s necessary, heat up the mixture in order to melt the soap. Finally, we add a few drops of the chosen essential oil, which will enhance the smell of shampoo, and then we stir it intensively. We keep such organic shampoo in the fridge and we can use it for a week.

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