Theatre, cinema, concert hall, and other unique ideas for spending New Year’s Eve

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If you got tired of spending New Year’s Eve in the same way – at home with family or at a party with friends, we have a few ideas for you to welcome the New Year Take an advantage of one of our propositions, and certainly you will not regret your decision. A great way for those of us who love to explore art and culture, is to spend New Year’s Eve night in the theater, opera or concert hall.

crsan / photo on flickr

crsan / photo on flickr

In every major city, and often also in the smaller ones, there are played commemorative  concerts, and the guests who choose to buy a ticket, they can count on a glass of champagne, buffet or a special  supper, combined with dancing. New Year’s Eve spent in this unique atmosphere, the beautiful interior of the theater or the opera, will be the one  of these unforgettable experiences.

Another remarkable way to farewell New Year’s … by bus.. Many Polish cities are organizing unique bus rides. During them, the travelers can get to know the interesting  history of their city and the surrounding area, have a snack, drink champagne, listen to music, and even dance. And why not to spend the New Year’s Eve at the sea?. If  you do not have sea sickness, think about this form of farewell of the old year. You will have the opportunity to welcome the New Year  accompanied by real sailors and old sea dogs, trying delicious seafood  and happily singing shanties and dancing until dawn.

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