The unique fragrances – symbols of Christmas

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Some unique scents bring to our mind celebration of  Christmas. Those smells deserve a place  among the symbols of Christmas. Not everyone can enjoy these odors at home. We will suggest how to come up with these Christmas aromas at your home so you can feel it is Christmas. This year you bought an artificial tree and even though it is beautiful, it lacks that wonderful smell of the woods?

PetitPlat - Stephanie Kilgast / photo on flickr

PetitPlat – Stephanie Kilgast / photo on flickr

Help yourself with suitably chosen composition of essential oils. Prepare 5 drops of essential oil with a scent of spruce, juniper, cedar and fir. Pour it into a small bottle , mix it, and vigorously shake. The resulting smell can be added into diffuser, or, for example, spray mist  fragrance. In a similar way, you can create a fragrance of gingerbread and other baking goodies for Christmas. All you have to prepare is five drops of oil with the scent of oranges, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg and you should use them exactly as in the previous example. The proportions can of course be changed.

A good way to get a special, Christmas smell is a potpourri scent. It is a mixture of dried flowers and fruit, characterized by beautiful, intense aroma. Often they are used as decoration, which not only looks beautiful, but it also fills the whole house with wonderful smell. Christmas version of potpourri can be prepared from pine or fir needles, dried citrus peel, dried rosemary, basil, bay laurel. Break all the components into  small pieces and mix them together. You can put them in a nice dish and set at the desired location in your home, or, for example, place into small bags and hang on the Christmas tree, adding it to the smell. The aroma will be stable, if you add to the potpourri a little of coarse salt.

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