The secrets of pin-up style girl

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Pin – up style, extremely fashionable in the 50s And 60, is currently enjoying its second youth. It is extremely graceful and feminine  revealing a sexy waist-fitting dresses, make-up smokey eyes, red lips, or peep-toe shoes. If you  want to turn into a real seducer of class, explore the secrets of the pin-up style girl. Clothes in the style of pin-up girl does not have to look can be asily found.  

Alaskan Dude / photo on flickr

Alaskan Dude / photo on flickr

Search in you mother and grandmother’s closet, and with no major problems you will find super trendy pieces of clothing, a flared dress in dots and flowers. You can also visit the nearby second hand, there is a strong probability that you will find a treasure, a relic from the 50s or 60’s. Apart from the dress, the real essence of pin-up style girl, besides these well-fitted dresses, pencil skirts, shorts high-waisted, feminine shirts, peep toe platform shoes and heels. Designs and patterns that dominate the clothes of the pin-up girl is spotted, flowers, cherries, bows.

Get involved with a sailor style, that perfectly match the style of pin-up girl. It is important to also sexy lingerie – stockings, corsets, garters. Appropriately selected underwear will help further shape your figure. Other important elements of the pin-up style girl is hair and makeup. Pin-pillars hair must be well groomed and impeccably arranged, typical for this style is limited bouncy curls pinned to the side of the head and bangs style Betty Page. It is also important that the color of hair was nice and deep black, chocolate brown, fiery red, platinum Blond those are colors associated with the style of pin-up girl.

Characteristic additions when it comes to hair are bands and large flowers. While choosing a hairstyle take into account the fact that it fits your face shape. Makeup plays a very important role in the style of pin-pillars. Perfect are distinctive lush red lips and heavily stressed eyes. But keep in mind that although the makeup is expressive, it must also be elegant and classy. Eyelashes coat with several layers of ink and draw fine lines on the upper eyelids and cheeks with sprinkle touch pink. Adjust eyebrow and underline them with pencil or eyeshadow. Do not forget to contour lips in the selected shade  of lipstick red. Make-up must be very careful, because you have to spend a little time and patience to do it in a pin-up style way.

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