The Savoir-Vivre for New Year’s Eve Party

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Most of us are going somewhere on New Year’s Eve. Some welcome the New Year on a lavish ball, others prefer to spend this night at a party with friends, and others want to share these moments with only the loved one. Irrespective of what form of celebration you choose, you always need to remember about the behavior. Therefore we are presenting  the rules of savoir – vivreconcerning the New Year’s Eve party.

Christopher Chan / photo on flickr

Christopher Chan / photo on flickr

Choosing a New Year’s Eve party, be it with friends, or for an elegant prom, be sure dress appropriately. Certainly in any case, the dress code will be slightly different. The house parties have  rather a casual style, unless the owner of the house requests otherwise. However, the lavish New Year’s Eve ball requires appear in an elegant attire. If we are told to come at a specific time, not do to be late. Of course, anyone can unforeseen difficulties, for example, traffic on the road. However, being late and explaining yourself with “I couldn’t find something to wear”  is unacceptable.

Generally, the delay is ok up to 10 minutes, The longer time would have to be apologized to the host. Much ahead of time, however, also does not appear  proper. Kissing the hand is quite archaic habit and even though in the old days were considered to be top class and culture, today it no longer looks favorable. Many women believe that while kissing the hand is charming, it is also very unhygienic. Rules savoir – vivre say that a woman should give the man a hand first. Man, from the way of giving her hand, should be able to read weather she wants to be kissed on hand or not.

Ladies should not persistently raise hand to kissing, while for men it is absolutely unacceptable loud smooching  and raising a woman’s hand to his lips. To kiss her hand, a man needs to lower his head. While going to a New Year’s party   you should bring a gift for the host. This could be, for example, flowers for the host’s wife, chocolates, a good liquor, or other small gift. If the party is planned to have a dinner, the host should serve the guests received alcohol. If  you smoke, always ask hosts for permission inflammation in the room. Better yet, immediately leave the house or go on the balcony, so as not to force the participants to inhale the smoke.

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