The preliminary agreement to purchase housing developer

Posted: September 10th, 2013 | Author: | Savings

The preliminary agreement with the developer is a very important document that should be in force of the decision to buy an apartment, and the right purchase. Depending on the investment at the time of signing, it could take up to several months.

Myxi / photo on flickr

Myxi / photo on flickr

The most important point of this article is that both parties mutually agree to enter into a transaction involving the property at a specified date. This time limit is set for a date after the completion of the investment. In addition, this document should highlight mandatory housing concerns and its exact location and the price, area, and other information.

In addition, such an agreement should necessarily include information what to expect in case of postponing the completion of the investment, the difference in size of the property or resignation of one of the parties. The preliminary agreement is a notarial deed, and the cost of its preparation is split in a half between the two parties. The terms of this agreement should be attached with a great importance, especially due to the fact that in the event of complications, you may find it cheaper to buy an apartment and all our problems will be rewarded.

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