The most common problems with the insurer.

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Insurers do not always comply with what you expect from them, sometimes they even fail to comply with the signed agreement. It may happen that we do not get  what we paid for. What are the most common problems with the insurers?

Ed Yourdon / photo on flickr

Ed Yourdon / photo on flickr

The main and most common is the undervaluation of the damage, which in result causes that you receive less money  compensation than expected. Sometimes it is not even  sufficient to cover the amount of damages, which can be painfully felt in our own finances. To avoid the underestimation, we need to know why the benefit is reduced, and be able to deprive an insurance company of arguments. A common case  is also a  refusal to pay any compensation at all. In such situations, we may not get even a penny. How do you defend against it? First of all, carefully read the documents before signing them. “Damage to health”  can mean completely different thing , so you should find out what exactly compensation you get. The generic name is often misleading, and ignorance of the specifics very often leads to disappointment.

Another reason why we often complain about our insurers is their tardiness. The compensation may take a very long time. In this case, unfortunately, we are not able to do too much. The easiest way is simply to cooperate with the insurer and watch the deadlines. Only when we really get thrown with the roadblocks under our feet,  we can fill a complaint. Before many problems come up, we may want to  accurately read  the General Conditions of Insurance and all papers that we get to sign. In case of complications, we can always write a complaint to the Insurance Ombudsman, who deals with all abuse and neglect caused by the insurer, but even a spokesman would not be able to help us, if you have signed some weird agreement..

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