The most common hooks while renting a flat

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Renting an apartment is usually associated with the fact that we need to review some ads. And these can be written truthfully or skillfully colored. Pay attention especially on the latter, because the owners are not the most pleasant thing, and sometimes they can be the only reasonable if the apartment is in an eminent way does not meet our expectations.

Victor1558 / photo on flickr

Victor1558 / photo on flickr

One of the magical formulas is “convenient location” in practice, this may actually be the center, which often means the need to pay the parking fees, parking lots are crowded, and too often the noise, huge traffic and the like inconvenience. Paradoxically, sometimes flat at a distance from the center will allow us to better move in the city because we do not have to first get to the center.

Another problem is the poor condition of the building, but it is in our country standard. After several years on the walls there are cracks and repair will not work, because in the end they come out on top again, sometimes flawed ventilation. With most of these problems, unfortunately, we do nothing and we do not notice them in time without the proper knowledge.

Layout of the apartment and its equipment is something that you should see for yourself and check very carefully before renting. We should also ask what about the renovation and interior design option. It may be that the owner does not agree even to hang paintings, which for many people can be a cause of discomfort. You should also find out if the apartment has an access to the Internet, which specifically and whether there is a possibility to set up Internet access or change supplier. It is also worth knowing whether the owner will come to control housing. We should put a clear line and agree to inspections in our absence as unfortunately, still a lot of people do that, which is a major violation of privacy.

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