The Five Types of Friends Everyone Should Get Rid Of

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While organizing a New Year’s Eve at your home, you must consider  many things: what snacks to prepare, what kind of music to choose, and who to invite. With regard to the last matter, ask yourself a different question – who NOT to invite? Here are the five types of people that you should not invite to your event of New Year’s Eve.

claudiaveja / photo on flickr

claudiaveja / photo on flickr

* DJ * No matter what equipment you use to Play music on your party, there will always be that one person, who selects his music and continues to attempt to impose everyone present at the party with his favorite songs. There would be nothing wrong with that, if not for the fact that most of those songs are only appealing to that person. There is nothing you can do to pull  him from the equipment. If you do not want your New Year’s Eve’s party dance floor was empty, you better beware of such people with unique musical tastes.

* Drunk people * This person usually  appears at the door of your house in the state that shows that in less than 10 minutes he or she absorbed the entire supply of alcohol for the night. Its not such a problem, if they fall asleep hugging the toilet, but there are plenty of other, much worse situations that can effectively ruin your party.

* Clam *** This type is not actually able to spoil your party but may get you into a kind of confusion. It is difficult to  breakdown anything if the whole party you are sitting in the same place, and not exchanging even a word with anyone. Trying to kick-start such person somehow maybe exhausting  and after some time, you are all giving up all hope, and you just stop  paying attention to him.

*Energy Vampire* You invited him because you feel bad for him, because he always is sad and has all the time some problems. You wanted well, but unfortunately the colleague of yours does not repay the favor by crying and making you and all your guests listen to the the story of his/her recent break up,  and making awful atmosphere.

* Macho * This fellow will unsuccessfully try to to pick up any of the girls, each of them serving the same, text and trying to impress them with his numerous, questionable values. This type is less harmless, except he will make the ladies bored.. Of course until he try the luck with your girlfriend …

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