The financial benefits of marriage

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The main feature that should be characterized by a feeling of marriage between two people. But love does not mean that you have to get married because I love and cannot live without another person. It’s just that marriage in our country is the only way relationship between two people giving them certain benefits, including the settlement of the tax office.

josemanuelerre / photo on flickr

josemanuelerre / photo on flickr

Before signing prenuptial contract of the marriage, we should define the term community property. Generally-all which will be acquired or will affect the account as salary, pay, etc. become part of the common property and it will be treated in a variety of situations such as, for example, an annual tax delegations, divorce cases such as enforcement of debts.

This has the advantage that the joint assessment to tax authorities very profitable in cases where one person does not work or earns much less than the first tax bracket and the other above it. By associating a settlement it is possible to fit in a first threshold, and thus reduce the tax due.

Also, all types of financial institutions look much more favorably on the social unit that is marriage, especially in the case when you want to get a loan. Not only marriages are considered as more stable, but the payment of income declare both spouses are aggregated and maintenance costs or the media are much less their part, the creditworthiness is therefore greater.

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