The European Health Insurance Card – what is it?

Posted: September 9th, 2013 | Author: | Body Care

People who go abroad and pay the health insurance should obtain a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) before leave. It gives the opportunity to obtain reimbursements for medical care during a temporary stay in another country.

Funky64 ( / photo on flickr

Funky64 ( / photo on flickr

What exactly gives us such a card? It is not insurance in itself, but merely indicates that we pay the NFZ insurance premiums and on this basis we can get free medical assistance in case of emergencies. What is the scope of medical assistance that can be obtained using the EHIC? Not that the level of support offered by the NHF was extensive in our country, but beyond its borders it is even more limited. In practice, the EHIC entitles us to benefit only from the necessities.

However, how to define the first need in this situation? The basic idea is that the victim is forced to return home to continue treatment. Benefits, which the EHIC guarantees us may be so in some ways comparable to the ambulance or emergency department, which deal mainly with sudden and dangerous to health or life cases. EHIC should cover every person who travels from their country to another country (provided that both are members of the EU). It is solely due to the card that he or she will be entitled to free medical treatment in a foreign country. It is worth to get it before you leave both for business as well as, for example, before you go on vacation.

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