The choice of shape and size of a barbecue

Posted: August 26th, 2012 | Author: | BBQ

Before starting to build a barbecue in the garden, select its shape and size. In this case you should consult an expert, and also look for information on the Internet or seek the advice  among your friends who have already built their own barbeques.

The size and shape of the grill is connected with the area and budget of the owner of the garden. However, please note that the construction of the grill is a long-term investment. A bricked grill is more durable and functional than ordinary metal grill. When you have selected the design, construction materials, as well as the expert, who will deliver the project, specify the location of the grill.

The grill of open structure is the easiest to build.However, major disadvantage of such model is that one is not able to determine the direction of smoke escaping. In case of furnaces without a roof surrounded by walls on three sides, smoke escapes easily to the top. A grill with hood includes a high chimney to direct smoke away from people. With this option such structures with hoods are placed in the arbours. This method allows for using the grill from early spring until late autumn, regardless of the weather.

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