Termination of the lease

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Tenancy agreement may be signed in two ways. It may relate to a specific time or to be concluded for an indefinite period. We are interested in the first case.

JD Hancock / photo on flickr

JD Hancock / photo on flickr

Definition of the term of the agreement is to ensure both parties to guarantee mutual relations, so that the tenant will have a place to live, and the owner will receive regular lease payments. Such an agreement gives a great sense of security. Unfortunately, however, can be a problem if you want to terminate the contract early. To terminate the agreement before the time it was possible to put in the body of the corresponding point on termination of the lease early. Next to it should be made ​​possible reasons for termination of the contract and the period of notice. In addition to the specific terms can also use the term “compelling reasons” that can be interpreted by the court in any way. Common reasons for termination are events such as job loss, the destruction of housing by tenants, smoking in the apartment or other reasons that violate the principles of cooperation significantly.

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