Teenager’s first night out

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Young people love to have fun, and the New Year is the perfect opportunity. So be prepared that there will come a day when your teen  will want to go to a New Year’s Eve party to a friend’s house. But before you let him go for the first time for an all-night party outside home, read our tips.

e³°°° / photo on flickr

e³°°° / photo on flickr

First of all, gather information about the place where your child goes and the people he will be staying with. Ask also to provide contact details and phone number to the host of the event, best  friend or a club where the fun will  organized. Learn how your child will return home. Perhaps he or she will stay until morning at the event or maybe can find someone who will drive them back. Educate your child that on New Year’s Eve should not count on getting  a taxi.

Consider how to solve the problem safe return home. Prepare yourself for the fact, that your child may that night  use alcohol.  Talk to him/her about it, but do not forbid, because as you know, forbidden fruit tastes the best. If a teen wants to try alcohol, he/she will do it, not necessarily during New Year’s Eve. Trust your child, but also make it clear that if they abuse your trust, you will involve stricter rules and restrictions in the future.

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