Taking care of your breasts

Posted: August 10th, 2013 | Author: | Cosmetics, Health Care

Every woman dreams that her breasts were full, firm and sexy. Showers, massages, appropriate cosmetics, rich diet, sleep, proper posture, exercise is good for a nice look of the breasts. Very important is also to fit your bra well. Cups of  bra have to be chosen very carefully.


Maganda DTG / photo on flickr

Maganda DTG / photo on flickr

Circuit of bra must be well matched to the shape of the breast. Mismatched bra pinches, squeezes and make your breast spread to the sides. Cold showers  affect the attractive appearance of the breast very well. Cold water can also massage the buttocks  and thighs. Cold shower firms and improves circulation. At he  end of the bath alternately hot and cold shower can be used. This series of water sprays must be completed with a cold shower. Showers give good results quickly.

When having a shower, or during the bath time you can massage the breast. It is advisable to do it gently with circular motion, as if woman wanted to shape and form breasts perfectly while massaging them. Massage can be performed with hands, or special massage devices with tabs, or slightly rough gloves.  During the application of peeling, you should steer clear of the nipples and the area around them. Breast screening need to be done regularly.


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