Taking care of eyebrows and eyelashes

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Uneven, damaged, thinning eyebrowscan be easily repaired. Beautician can give a new shape to damaged by excessive plucking eyebrows. In this case, it is important to preserve the naturalness and the symmetry of the whole face. Beautician before performing this procedure, together with the client sets the color and eyebrow shape, taking into account the individual habits and type of  women beauty.

Kath [is not here right now] / photo on flickr

Kath [is not here right now] / photo on flickr

Special eyeliner that does not leave streaks, even after  intense physical exercise, after swimming, or daily activities is one of the elements of a perfect, permanent make-up. In case of permanent makeup eyes, eyelashes seem thicker and eyes are more visible. The black line made with eyeliner thickens lashes and gives them shape, the lower line makes your eyes look bigger.

Permanent make-up –  this is a good solution for people who wear glasses, contact lenses or for peoplewho have problems with eyes, or who want to save time. Healthy eyelashes, from which make-up is thoroughly washed every evening, don’t need extra care. Creams which are used daily for well washed and cleansed, eyelashes provide a sufficient amount of fat and moisture in order to maintain them in good condition. Eyelashes can be further nurtured with clear mascara, which contains oils, proteins and other measures that give lashes flexibility.

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