how to do well spring clearing

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How to do spring cleaning?

Posted: June 27th, 2013 | Author: | Cleaning

During spring cleaning, you should use: one detergent, cleaning powder, window cleaner, products designed to combat spots, mold . Baking soda and vinegar may be also useful.

Photo credit: ecstaticist / / CC BY-NC-SA

Photo credit: ecstaticist / / CC BY-NC-SA

You will need cleaning supplies such as:sponges, rags, brushes, and rubber gloves.  We must also remember about washing bedding, curtains, and blinds. Large blankets, table cloths, tapestries is best return to the laundry to to not to use the washing machine, which can be even damaged.

Wooden blinds can be wiped once or twice during the year, using a sponge, and a few drops of cleaning product designed for wooden surfaces. Aluminum blinds can be cleaned outside, for example, spreading them on an old rag and place it in an incline position. Cleaning should begin by scrubbing it with water and anti-corrosion agents. You can also use a garden hose to rinse the blinds, then dry it with a towel to prevent corrosion. To clean dirty windows you can use squeegees, which is much faster and more effective way than using a cloth.

Use various sizes the handle extension, and thus even get to the places hard to reach. First, we need to immerse sponge in a bucket of warm water and dishwashing liquid. Soak the window and then wipe off the dirt. Damp the squeegee and start from the top corner, down to the lower part of the window. Repeat movements along entire window. For large windows, you can use the back and forth movement, and then wipe the edges of the squeegee. Dry windows with a dry cloth.