Sweets for Valentine’s Day

Posted: August 12th, 2013 | Author: | Occasional

Perfect, sweet gifts for Valentine’s Day may be  heart-shaped cookies, heart-shaped cakes with doves, with flowers, chocolates with chocolates-hearts. Sweets are always welcomed by those who receive them.

Darwin Bell / photo on flickr

Darwin Bell / photo on flickr

A clever gift can cookies made on your own in the the shape of hearts, cupids, doves, flower bouquets. You can decorate cookies with colored frosting: pink, white, red and sugar powder. Hand-made gifts which are very time-consuming may be the most beautiful proof of love and commitment.

Recently, very fashionable are chocolate, love telegrams. These are exactly the squares of chocolate, which contain the letters, or even whole words, love declarations, short poems, for example: “I love you”, “Marry me”, “I miss you”. Feast of Love it is a special day in which we are very happy to give various sweets.

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