Strawberry mask for all skin types

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Problems – rough, gray, devoid of light complexion.


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Recipe for a strawberry mask

To prepare the mask from strawberries you will need the following ingredients:
eight large and ripe strawberries,
one tablespoon of heavy cream.

How to use the mask

The strawberry mask is beneficial to the skin, as it refreshes and nourishes it. To prepare the mask, use eight large and ripe strawberries and one tablespoon of heavy cream. You will need to remove leaves and stems of the strawberries, then wash them thoroughly, and mash in a large bowl to get a uniform paste. This mass must be mixed with one tablespoon of heavy cream and applied on the face, neck and décolleté for twenty minutes.

The face can be covered with gauze soaked in warm milk. Then you can wash off the mask with warm milk, or spring water. You can also wash off the mask with warm or cold boiled water, or spring water. Strawberry mask is cheap, and its preparation is quick and easy. This mask cleanses the skin and has a wonderful smell.

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