Statement of guilty party – what to include in it.

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If we happen to have a car bump and there is no reason to think that one of the drivers is intoxicated or someone got hurt, there is no need to call the police. Just enough is a statement written by the person who is the cause of the collision. What should it contain?

MSVG / photo on flickr

MSVG / photo on flickr

You should be given the personal data of guilty party. This should include the  address, name and identity card number. It is good also to include  the details written on the driving license (category, date and place of issue). The documents should also contain perpetrator’s  insurance policy. Mainly, we are interested in the issue date, the insurer, and the expiration date. By the way, you should also write down the perpetrator’s vehicle data such as name, registration number and its owner’s name.

Apart from the section on insurance policy, the statement should contain  the same information  about the vehicle and the victim. We cannot ignore the information such as the exact date and time and place of the event. It is worth to describe the event and write down the damages that arose  in  effect. There are plenty of templates in the Internet of such statements, so print it out have it in the car, so that when a bump happens, you have all the information.

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