Starvation diet

Posted: December 2nd, 2012 | Author: | Diet

This is perhaps one of the most popular diets. By the way, is also one of the most radical methods for weight loss, because in the middle of it, we should refrain from eating any food that has to be replaced by drinking non-carbonated mineral water or herbal infusions.

Because this diet is not indifferent for the body, it should be used only by persons fully healthy, and even for them, the rule should be on starvation diet no more than one day a week, for seven days or more often than once every three months. To the starvation diet, we must be well prepared and a week before the actual start of this diet we should change our menu so that your body got used to it, it will be getting fewer nutrients in a while it almost completely run out. During this time, you should not eat meat, and be out of tea and coffee. Then, properly by one day or seven days we do not eat anything, allowing the body to burn excess fat accumulated and purification of toxins.

As important as preparation for fasting is also appropriate behavior afterwards. Because our body has to adjust back to normal food, you gradually get used it for the first two days only drinking carrot juice thick and only then enter the menu salads and salad, at the end of the return to eating meat dishes that also the seven-day diet at the beginning should be boiled or cooked by steaming.

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