Stain removal from the sewing machine oil

Posted: January 31st, 2013 | Author: | Stains

You must have had stains from oil sewing machine on your clothes at some point.



Photo credit: Vincent de Groot / / CC BY-SA

It is easy to get them when oiling the machine. It is easy to stain both the sewn lingerie and your clothing. To avoid this, before you start to sew, stitch an unnecessary cloth. If, despite the precautions, there will be a stain of oil, then quickly use a dry paper towel. The next step is to rub the stain with chalk or talcum powder or potato starch. After a few minutes remove the talcum powder and place backing paper napkins in small amount of eucalyptus oil or liquid chemical cleaner under the stain. After this, wash the fabric.


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