Sparklers and fireworks on New Year’s Eve

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As you know, fireworks are very dangerous to our health and life. However, their view is so amazing, that we often forget the threat. If you are looking for a fully safe fireworks, opt for sparklers. They  will not threaten to tear off a hand, and for that reason you can use them even inside the house.

williamcho / photo on flickr

williamcho / photo on flickr

Sparklers are the most common form of thin, long wires. That “something” is a chemical mixture consisting of barium nitrate and iron filings that cause the characteristic arcing. There are often used also aluminum, zinc, steel or magnesium to prepare sparklers. Different chemicals give a cold fire color. Dosage of chemicals is designed so the fire will not explode, but burn slowly, enjoying our eye with this interesting phenomenon. You do not need to flee after firing this type of fireworks. You can safely keep them in your hand, decorate  Christmas tree or a cake.

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