Soda as a cleaning agent; usage

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Soda can clean joints very well, can soften the water and eliminates the scent of garlic and onion from your hands and kitchen appliances, is very good for cleaning other appliances and removes all unpleasant smells from the fridge, prevents rusting and extinguishes oil.


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In the bathroom it can replace a bleacher. It can also be a substitute for talc and can be used for cleaning fittings. Small amount of soda can be used for cleaning windows, washing carpets, cleaning silverware, eliminating tea and coffee stains, removing unpleasant smells from the shoes, restore the fresh smell in a wardrobe, clean the iron. Baking soda can be used for:

  • Cleaning kitchenette,
  • Cleaning microwave ovens,
  • Cleaning burnt pots,
  • Washing oils and vinegar bottles,
  • Remove sediments from coffee and tea,
  • Removal of odors from the refrigerator,
  • Removing odors from food containers,
  • Cleaning tiles,
  • Cleaning showers,
  • Cleaning toilets,
  • Removal of scales from the shower heads,
  • Cleaning silverware, lighters, joints, valves, vessels, devices,
  • cleaning rusted screws,
  • Cleaning silver jewelry
  • Clean gold jewelry,
  • Bleaching clothes, or enhancing the color
  • Removing sweat and tar stains from fabric
  • Removing blood stains from fabrics
  • Removing juices and wine stains from fabrics
  • Refreshing wipers and carpets,
  • Eliminating odors from shoes
  • Eliminating odors from the sewer pipes,
  • Eliminating stains from floors of motor oils,
  • Eliminating solvents from tools
  • Eliminating odors from composting.

Soda may also be used to de-ice the surface, such as frozen stairs or walkways, remove garlic and onion odor from hands, for general unpleasant odors from feet, surfaces, to neutralize acids in old batteries, to remove grass or weeds from sidewalks, to prolong the freshness of cut flowers, to extinguish fireplaces, to refresh the sleeping bags, to prevent sweating, to replace mouthwash, to treat running nose, to smoothen your elbow skin, to cure sore throat, to alleviate pain after insect bites, to aft treatments, cleaning dog hair, bathing the dog, removing odors from dog’s or cat’s litter box.

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