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Shopping on the web is doing at the moment, more and more people. They are simple, convenient, and if we can move in this environment is often much cheaper. However, sometimes we really in a hurry and need to buy something for the so-called yesterday (“Yes dear, of course I remember our anniversary” and similar cases). We are then to receive the item as soon as possible. So what is the fastest method of payment?

401(K) 2013 / photo on flickr

401(K) 2013 / photo on flickr

At the outset, best thing to do is to check the credibility of the seller by reading comments about it if you buy at auction sites or read the opinions if we are dealing with an online store. If the review does not raise any objections, we can confirm the delivery phone and find out for example that if you pay today, then shipping will be tomorrow. Normal bank transfer usually requires a day or two to reach the addressee. Transfer carried out in the mail arrives about a week. Seller sends the goods usually only when it receives the money to your account. Sometimes, however, can agree that if we show the product will send confirmation of payment made in the form of a scan or generated on the bank confirmation. However, not everybody would agree to do that.

Much faster are quick payments such as payU or coupons. In general, they arrive promptly, although if you have a bank account that works with them on a different basis, the transfer can take up as much as normal. Most banks, however, are handled immediately. Yet another and probably the fastest way is shipping delivery. The seller then can send the goods as soon as it is prepared and packaged, it often happens that the same day on which the order was made. The product will pay cash postman or courier, so you do not have to wait until the seller receives payment. Good shops can hurry this way very quickly and there is a possibility that the products ordered will get the next day.

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