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New technologies, although very convenient, they are associated with a completely new threats. While not everyone takes the protection of personal data, which is said to be very common, it’s details such as username and password for your bank accounts are given, which definitely we do not want to see in the hands of someone else. To prevent just take care of your safety.

Darwin Bell / photo on flickr

Darwin Bell / photo on flickr

Most people have no idea how to take care of the digital world, but this is not taught even in schools. Let’s start with the simplest things. Let us try to always, always, always install on our computer the latest anti-virus software and a firewall. If you are using e-mail, we can hit the mail that alleged the bank employee will want or we gave him the password, or we went to the link and logged into your account.

In the first case, you should call the service number and report something like that, of course, take the number of our paper documentation, not the e-mail. A person who pretends to be an employee of the bank may also provide us with false contact information, and we must not give our own. Remember, your bank will never ask you for your login details. The only time they will ask you is about a password to use the phone. When we get a link to the login must really pay attention to what is the address of the page and whether or not it is different from what we see in general.

If you have any doubt, please contact your bank. We should be wary of such a scam also the manual login to the site because there were cases when it came to such intrusions. Also remember that no one give our word, pin or similar data. Pay also attention that our password is not the same as those for e-mail and other services. Many people involved in IT security says that while electronic systems are hard to break, it’s usually the weakest link is the man. Therefore, try to be as careful and although you can not be paranoid, you’d better also did not feel too safe.

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