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Posted: August 17th, 2013 | Author: | Money

In the era of online shopping we more often buy something over the Internet. While the Allegro website is protected well and considered to be safe, the case is quite different in the case of Internet shopping.

Stian Eikeland / photo on flickr

Stian Eikeland / photo on flickr

The truth is that anyone can set up shop online and bank account would not accept the transfer, and then not necessarily implement the contract. Find out how to catch the good and trustworthy vendors, and thus not to be deceived.

Let’s start with the information shown on the page. We can look for information about the company and verify whether the company actually exists. Each store operated legally must include the rules, and it provides information about the data your business. Another issue is the online payment. At the moment on the Polish market there are several companies that provide quick, easy and most importantly secure payment over the Internet. The most famous is payU and Dotpay, a little less popular in our country are PayPal, which is very popular abroad. Ability to pay through them basically guarantees us the data security of our credit card, but when it comes to the shop to fulfill an order fulfillment is never sure and want to look for reviews on the Internet.

Rather, one should avoid stores that accept credit card payments without intermediaries. This method is used rarely, but definitely it is better to entrust the card data than a recognized intermediary web store you probably do not know.

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