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Posted: September 10th, 2013 | Author: | Money

In our climate, the heating system is an integral part of any home. Without it, it is doubtful that we were able to survive the winter, which in Poland can be quite severe.

flatworldsedge / photo on flickr

flatworldsedge / photo on flickr

Heating bills can cost a lot and strongly undermine the budget. Especially, that it is a fixed charge, and it can grow a lot in the winter. If the winter is long, we have a longer time to pay the higher amount. In fact, to predict the amount of annual fees for heating is very difficult. You can however save a lot on heating. And it’s not about buying a set of sweaters and blankets. Generally speaking, ways to save on heating are two. Both can be equally effective, but sometimes you may require to put investments.

The first method is to change the fuel. Fuels cost a whole lot from the typical gas and coal while comparing with biofuels such as compressed straw. By far the most popular and most practical boiler is the one fueled by oil. Keep in mind that sometimes the change of fuel is not only the replacement of the boiler, as well as other system components, and even including the chimney. Another way to save on heating, requiring a much larger investment is to modernize the entire system, and sometimes even housing insulation, sealing or replacing windows, etc., if you have trouble keeping warm inside. Such transactions may cost you quite a lot, but it will result in less heat loss what means much greater savings, and the whole investment will return in a few years.

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