Rice diet

Posted: December 15th, 2012 | Author: | Diet

It’s the perfect solution for all those who dream of a nicer silhouette and less weight, and that for various reasons, are afraid of strict diets and fasting, and their impact on the body.

Rice diet allows you to lose weight at a steady pace of about 1 pound per week, which is quite a safe value and you do not care about the side effects common in the case of other diets, such as weakness or dizziness.Rice is a dish which is very simply, digestible and does not contain large amounts of calories, but that is based on the former diet completely safe, do not enter it as the only food, but complemented by a variety of low calorie and easy to digest additives.

This is can be, for example, soup with pieces of meat, different types of cooked meat, fish, vegetables, and even natural yoghurt. If you look closely at all of the proposed components of the diet can easily find that almost all these foods are part of the regular diet of almost every inhabitant of the Far East countries, led by Japan.

With this menu people living there are more long-lived than Europeans or Americans, moreover, there are hardly any of these problems associated with atherosclerotic disease or heart attacks.Please be sure about one important detail – buy brown rice rather than white, it is much more rich in vitamins, because it is not subjected to thermal treatment.

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