Repayment of credit card payments

Posted: August 18th, 2013 | Author: | Money

Credit card allows us to shop even when we do not have funds in our account. Credit limits are quite large and, unfortunately, but sometimes they turn out to be a little too big.

liewcf / photo on flickr

liewcf / photo on flickr

To repay the debt without interest we usually have a little more than 50 days. If the card is used as a means of payment, that the payment is not scrupulously repaid is no problem with it. Worse, if, for example, breaks down our computer, fridge and washing machine and we have to make a purchase quickly, and the funding does not allow us to buy their own. What then? We can either make a purchase in installments or pay by credit card. If you choose the second way, and we know that we pay it without interest, you can take advantage of the ability to repay the card debt in installments.

Procedures may be slightly different, so you might want to read them on your own. Overall though, it looks that after buying calling the appropriate bank employee and informing him that the debt incurred on the card we would like to pay in installments within a specified period. What are the advantages of this solution? Certainly belongs to them a lower interest rate, but it allows us to save up to tens of dollars for every thousand issued and the amount is significant. Especially considering the fact that the purchases of this type are among the lowest.

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